Airbnb shows a positive sign of growth in Paris

Airbnb is the largest hotel distribution network in the world and it poses a severe threat to the traditional hotels. The firm was found by Brian Chesky in 2008 and it has been a huge hit ever since then, kudos to the team! Airbnb is very famous in European countries because they are the hottest tourists’ destinations. France’s capital Paris has got beautiful tourists spots that attract thousands of tourists around the world and let us not forget about the Eiffel Tower, beauty! Many hotels from Airbnb’s listings on Paris region give a tough competition to the so called “traditional hotels”.
The hotels from the listing cost only few Euros and the traditional hotels are not any cheaper than Airbnb’s offerings. Lately, people are showing interest towards the house sharing website due to its cheaper rates and comfortable service. The beautiful cities of Paris have got a large number of hotels from Airbnb than traditional hotels. The company is also looking to expand the network by adding more hotels to the listings. After the recent Paris attack, the government has changed its opinions about Airbnb because of its help towards the stranded travelers. Also, Airbnb is way ahead in the competition due to its large inventories and the private hotels must catch up with it.
Paris seems to be doing good and happy with Airbnb because many users return back to Airbnb after their first experiences and it’s time to bid farewell to the traditional hotels!

Airbnb And Tesla Team Up To Provide Easier Road Trips For Model S Owners

Tesla spent millions of dollars in its new innovation of superchargers providing nearly 500 stations for charging. The idea behind this innovation is to provide stress free and long travel feasible for all the owners of electric Model S.
Finally, the super company team up with home rental company Airbnb providing stations for charging to select a host’s home.
This is a brilliant idea of Airbnb that makes road trips easier for Model S owners. The partnership focus on Airbnb homes of California and expands further. These home charging stations were installed in only 12 houses, but both of the companies focus to expand the number through targeted campaigns.
One of the Airbnb hosts who list an entire home got more than five bookings and gets an average rating of 4+, considered to be eligible for getting a free Tesla supercharger, which costs 750 dollars, but the installation charge must be paid by the host which ranges from 200 to 900 dollars depending on the home layout.
Tesla will choose the properties from a list of applicants who meets the same criteria. Tesla’s owners are expected to pay nearly 10 dollars for a night’s charge. This partnership brings out the advantage of using electric cars and lakhs of Plug-in vehicles were sold in the United States in the year 2014.
Tesla had already installed its high power wall connector at various resorts, restaurants, hotels and other destinations.

Aurora is now on plan to license Airbnb rentals

Airbnb is the most famous and familiar hotel distribution network in many countries across the globe. However, it is more famous for a lot of controversies such as personal property theft, sexual assaults and many more. Many countries have implemented strict lawsuits on Airbnb and the city of Colorado has now planned to collect taxes and also valid licenses from the rentals.

Several home sharing companies like Airbnb and VRBO have been facing problems from the government regarding home sharing short rental services. It’s great news for many traditional hotels whose market revenue has gone down. The city of Aurora has planned to charge $38 for every renting licence and collect lodging taxes from the hosts for Renters

The traditional hotels have NOT been very generous with its customers but have always raised a good profit from the corporate world. Many business travelers now prefer Airbnb to other traditional hotels due to convenient and cozy services. The San Francisco based company offers an extensive choice of services to its users like huge villas, homes, apartments and even royal castles, very dreamy, eh?

The city of Colorado has always been lenient with Airbnb, but the city has gone strict with its policies on Airbnb. In order to maintain the city’s economic rate, the officials have decided to collect lodging taxes from the renters. The renters must also possess a valid license to rent their homes to the travelers across the globe. Let us all hope the company to stay true to the city’s policies.

Renters Pay Their Mortgage Using Airbnb

Guests who already done their vacation in the past year would have heard about Airbnb, one of the home rental company. One of the great advantages in the business is that, it doesn’t pay off for the tourists who rent a home for comfortable stay, but it also pay for the hosts who rent their space for the travelers.

Some hosts are succeeded in renting their space earning hundreds and thousands of dollars per year. It is evident that a normal renter of Airbnb can earn a little more than half of the average American’s mortgage.

Most of the households are renting out their primary home where 58 percent confess that Airbnb is helping them to stay in the home.

Airbnb allow local residents to turn their biggest expenses into profit even if there are some risks involved in renting their spare rooms. There are a number of renters who make their main income using the home rental site had learned lessons from bad guests who cause severe damage to their property.

Airbnb has made some changes in their scheme by helping the hosts and protect them. Owner of the home is now allowed to post reviews about the guest so that other homeowners will be safe from the guests who cause severe damage to the property. The company launched a host guarantee program for the property protection of host. It satisfies the renters as it covers the host’s property damage or property loss.

Airbnb plans to expand its services in Africa

Airbnb, the online hotel distribution network is the most familiar chain in many countries across the globe. The San Francisco based company was found by Brian Chesky in 2008 and it was a massive hit despite being the startup company. It was a potential threat to many traditional hotels out there. People started to acknowledge Airbnb when they wanted to tour on vacations.

Airbnb is now all set to rule African continent and Brian is pretty confident that the company would reap crazy amount of money of it. Local offices were put up in African countries and the company received good responses as predicted earlier. More than 9,000 apartments from South Africa were added to Airbnb’s listings and people made money of their spare rooms as well.

Cape Town and Johannesburg were the successful South African cities that gave a red carpet welcome to Airbnb and there was a noticeable growth in the country every year. The critics say Brian is a pure genius for targeting African continent as it is one of the finest and breath taking destinations. The company saw a rapid growth and the number of apartments gradually increased in the listings every day.

According to sources, Airbnb could completely take down the traditional hotels and boutique hotels in Africa. The local hotel services are already feeling the heat and the rates could fall to attract the tourists. The largest hotel distribution network does not only reap money off its service but it is also ready to take down its fellow competitors. Sincere heartfelt condolence to the private hotels, it’s never too late guys!

Airbnb reviews are all fake and untrustworthy, user claims

Airbnb, the largest online hotel distribution channel is now facing some serious troubles after blocking its user’s review on a host. Brian was like any other traveler who booked a hotel room through Airbnb and he was shocked to see his room very unclean. The sofa was dirty and he even found a half eaten pie under his soda. How much more disgusting can it get? The walls were dirty and the pillow covers were stained. That’s enough for today; I do not want you to throw up on your monitor screen.

Disgusted Brian called up Airbnb and cancelled his reservation immediately. He was given a full refund and was also provided with a voucher worth £100. But the worst part is that Airbnb did not let him to post a review on the host. The company states that it does not allow a user to post reviews unless the entire trip is over. That’s called a smart business!

Brian wanted to warn the fellow users of Airbnb to avoid the particular host, but was not able to do it. He believes he would never prefer the service from Airbnb anymore and also doubts he would ever use the so called “sorry voucher”. According to Airbnb’s spokesperson, 40 million people use Airbnb every year and half of them are returning users, the statistics tell you how good the service from Airbnb is. I believe a single user’s experience can make or break the reputation, and Airbnb is an epic fail for letting down its user.

Copycat companies make money off Airbnb’s brutal blows

The government has implemented many strict regulation policies on Airbnb and its bad news for Brian Chesky. But it’s good news, nah, great news for the small home sharing companies! There are many startups that do the same service as Airbnb and they have always been overlooked by the travelers across the world. Not to worry anymore, the largest hotel distribution network is currently facing the terrible phase of its entire career, thanks to the regulators! The copycat companies have now stolen the spot light of Airbnb and started offering efficient services. Due to controversies, people have begun to take notice of services from Airbnb’s rivals.

Earlier, the government implemented a lawsuit that was not in favor of Airbnb renters. The lawsuit states the renters are not allowed to stay less than 30 days at apartments provided by Airbnb. Many renters moved out of Airbnb due to strict policies and the company faced a tough time to compensate the strict lawsuit. The small gap gave a way for the copycat companies that were inspired by Airbnb to shine in the industry.

Companies like OneFineStay, Oasis, and HomeAway have also been doing services in many cities and they pose a potential threat to the traditional hotels. Several Airbnb renters have shifted to other home sharing companies and they make good profit as well. The copycat companies also violate the lawsuit but the regulators are more concerned about the company that is worth around $25 billion, politics much?

New York City plans to regulate Airbnb and illegal hotels

New York City, the dream city to get settled down for millions of people across the globe has a lot to offer. The city has many traditional hotels, boutique hotels and the hotels that operate under Airbnb and other similar services. Several hotels that are offered by Airbnb are illegal and not authorized by the government.

Airbnb Company provides an opportunity to people to make money off their spare rooms or even apartments. These options were known to give “feel-at-home” vibes to travelers and were a massive hit. It was a lot cheaper than traditional hotels that literally drilled holes in the customers’ pockets.

To put an end to all the illegal hotels on Airbnb, the New York City has finally decided to act upon the issue. The city mayor has invested around $10 million to regulate Airbnb and illegal hotels in future. The housing law would make sure that no illegal services are carried out in the hotels and apartments. Also, people cannot rent apartments and spare rooms for less than a month. The lawsuit would definitely decrease the illegal authorization of hotels and regulate Airbnb services. The government is also planning to conduct awareness campaigns and programs to the public.

Airbnb is the most familiar service to people from many countries across the globe. However, the New York City’s action would definitely benefit the traditional hotels that were facing huge loss in its business due to Airbnb’s phenomenal growth.

Airbnb to Start Insurance Coverage Program for Canadians

Airbnb the home rental company comes up with its new feature to increase insurance coverage for Canadians. The idea behind this feature is to support people who rent their properties through this home rental service.

The host protection insurance will be launching soon in 15 more countries which got already launched in the United States.

Hosts of Airbnb will be subjected to some risks, so they may think to go with a better choice of Insurance coverage to get protected.

The coverage will provide compensation for guests who got injured on the property of the host. It also covers the damages which a guest causes to the host property, including accidental water damage, property damage and many more.

The coverage will not be covering any additional amount to the host will be starting at one million dollars. All hosts will be eagerly waiting for this scheme which provides them with various chances to be secure.

The host guarantee program includes liability insurance and covers damage to the host property which is based on different set of assumptions. Each company will be using the coverage in different ways.

When the coverage program was launched in the United States, less than 50 claims have filed for the Host protection program millions of its bookings. In Canada Airbnb have more than 33000 host listings.

Before taking the insurance coverage, hosts need to check with the insurance representative to have a view about what they are covered and what are the risks.

Airbnb Facing Problem after Bayside Shooting

Two men were shot in a party at a home in Bayside that was rented via Airbnb. A victim was in critical condition after being shot in abdomen. According to a report from police, both are in stable condition.

The shooting is considered to be a rare occurrence where no murders have been occurred in the year 2014.

The house was listed by somebody under the name “shahnaz” on Airbnb for an amount per night specifying it as a ‘party basement’.

Over 200 people attended the party when the shooting took place and admission fee was charged at the entrance.

The house owner bought the house in the year 2006 along with her husband. The house has assembled certain positive reviews about Airbnb since the account was created. But none of the reviews mentioned about the party on the site.

The incident happened on Sunday morning, where neighbors refused to comment on the situation on Monday morning. Handful of stuffed garbage bags was placed on the front lawn and a car with two inspectors was parked outside for inspection.

The house owner’s daughter hides her face from photographers and the police inspectors exited the home as the owner asked them to leave the place.

The shooting raised a lot of questions about Airbnb and all noticed the lack of regulation in the new home sharing economy.

A report from Airbnb spokesmen revealed that millions of Airbnb users have visited New York but cases like this were very rare.